The Sands of Time

The law of attraction to positive thoughts and serenity took a backseat to Murphy’s Law. You know, that saying: “Anything that can go wrong, will…?”

That summed up last week for me in a nutshell; seven days of wth’s, “are you serious?” “this can’t be happening,” and other euphemisms. No one could have foreseen the series of unfortunate events that took place.  Read more of this post


How to Get Through Your First Spartan Race: a Memo to Women


When I got to the Spartan race in Tuxedo Ridge, NY and saw little kids completing the warm- up obstacles like it was everyday playground activities, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake. So I tried my hand at the warm-ups and failed. Miserably. Then, I knew, I was in for it.

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Seis del Sur: The new Bronx tale

When the lives of two or more people are entwined, unbeknownst to them, it always makes for a beautiful story. This portmanteau started in the 1970s with a group of young Bronx photographers who captured the essence of their neighborhoods, sometimes filming the same places at different times, without knowing the other existed.

Fast-forward to present day NYC and these photographers are masters of their craft. Seeing each other in passing while covering or speaking at events, they never thought to compare their works or collaborate, until now.
Seis del Sur, is a story within a story: a collection of stunning photographs all taken within the South Bronx by six young up-and-comers. Individually, their pictures is worth a thousand words, but together, they speak volumes.

I was honored to film the opening exhibit which aired on a local station in the Bronx.

A Three-Day Trip Down Memory Lane

What was supposed to be an intimate backyard wedding (for my cousin and his long time girlfriend) with a total of ten guests, turned into a full ceremony and reception for about fifty people. The short notice invitation did not deter my mother and I from booking our flight to Trinidad and witnessing the nuptials of one of the dearest people in our lives. Read more of this post

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