A Three-Day Trip Down Memory Lane

What was supposed to be an intimate backyard wedding (for my cousin and his long time girlfriend) with a total of ten guests, turned into a full ceremony and reception for about fifty people. The short notice invitation did not deter my mother and I from booking our flight to Trinidad and witnessing the nuptials of one of the dearest people in our lives.

Sometimes trends and fads escape me. As luck or fate would have it, I stopped by the bookstore prior to my trip, for reading material, and stumbled upon “Dear Photograph.” The concept: taking an old photo from the past, and setting it in a new present day image; not new to many, was definitely new and refreshing to me. Better late than never, I took a mental note to try it out.

After landing, the routine is usually the same. Someone picks me up at the airport and drives me to the quaint house in Arima, where I lived for a few years during my childhood .

My aunt, bless her heart, always has my favorite meal prepared for me.

“Saltfish and provision” with lime juice.

If you go back to my Trini Xmas post, you’ll see the proof!

In the time when I sit to eat, it sinks in that I am back home. That moment has never been easy for me to describe. The closest analogy that comes to mind is returning to a safe haven or sanctuary.

I’ve had both good and bad times at this house, enough memories to fill the pages of a book. I wore dresses and played with dolls, but I was more of a tomboy when I hung out with my older cousin, who has always been more like a big brother.  Looking around the yard I remembered sitting and reading books in the tree we had in the front yard, climbing walls,  Rex the dog (RIP) and playing in the streets with neighborhood kids. Everything he did, everywhere he was, I followed. Unless of course my aunts called me in (it was not lady-like to hang out with young boys). Here are a few of my  dear photograph inspired images:

At 6 months old. I started young.

Jay in school uniform.

Me in my school uniform.

Always posing.

By the way, in all the photos I found,  I remembered all the clothes I wore. Man, if I can replicate the fashion sense I would! I totally dug the acid washed denim skirts and my floral print dresses… I may have to take up sewing, or call on my seamstress aunties to do some work! After all, fashion repeats itself!

As life would have it, everyone grows up and goes their separate ways. It’s a beautiful thing when you can define the very moment in which your outlook on life changes. For my cousin, I know that moment came when he met Nicole and had his two beautiful sons.

We may be oceans apart but we live outside the touch of time. I know he’ll always be my big brother. I still have someone to look up to and though I walk my own path I can still use his footsteps as a guideline.

Congrats to Jay and Nicole. May God continue to bless you in this next chapter of your life!


About Melissa J
Producer. Videographer. Writer by inspiration. This is a blog on my journey through life, mixed in with a little of what interests me, what I think about, and what I do. I'm very random but I believe in the saying "variety is the spice of life." I live each day trying to fulfill my purpose and enjoying the life God has granted me.

2 Responses to A Three-Day Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. MVictor says:

    We really couldn’t miss this young man’s big day – it was the icing on the cake- oh how time fly. Wishing Jay n Nic and those handsome lil guys the very best, may God continue to cherish you all with love, many many more years of happiness n togetherness, health n family unity. Stay blessed. Love you all.

  2. JVictor says:

    Loved what you did with the photos… u have me thinking what good oldies I have there to try the same.. haha. I’m taking notes on what a real blog should be like.. great stuff!

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