New Orleans…New Beginnings

Jazz statue and painting

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… you’ll know differently, after a trip to Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

I saw and did things I never thought possible. ( No, I did not flash anyone for beads, but wouldn’t that be funny?! )  -_- For me, it became more than a business trip. Little did I know, it would lead me to the first green light on my road to self discovery. 

After getting back, one of my girlfriends asked “how was it?” To which I replied, “girl, you need church after leaving that place!” lol That, sadly, is an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong. The city of New Orleans is a great place, rightfully a top tourist attraction with rich culture and a lot of history and who can forget mardi gras! The food is beyond amazing if you’re a seafood lover.  But in NOLA (Bourbon Street to be exact) you either roll with the punches or roll out! It definitely is not for the faint of hearts or the uptight folks. In one moment I was entranced by the wedding march we luckily caught while doing souvenir shopping.

Wedding March in the French Quarters

In another, I was extremely close to reprimanding a young adult who thought it was ok to flash a light in every girls’ face walking by. I must admit, I did more than come close.  My patience, my attitude and my will power was definitely tested that weekend.  It is a mix of excitement and a bit of a nuisance, depending on your personality and what you deem “fun.” I can only give you a preview of what I experienced while there. It was just too much to fill in this post.

First, let’s start with the sight seeing.

I had a blast with three of my good friends ( who tagged along and made a vacay out of a business trip).

We rode the streetcars to and from the French Quarters, which was pretty simple to navigate (conveniently located next to the hotel).

Riding on the streetcar

Waiting at Poydras

Streetcar stops in NOLA

Our carriage ride through the French Quarters was very educational and entertaining. I’m happy we did not skip out on Colin or else we would not have known that almost every building was a landmark. If you go, look for him! So much history in such a small circumference.

Our amazing guide, Colin

Building where slaves were auctioned off.

Allegedly, the oldest bar in America.

Being the foodies that we are, we spent most of our time stopping at all the spots that garnered the most reviews by friends and family.

For those like me with seafood allergies, be prepared to go hungry or walk with benadryl. The choices are limited. For the seafood lovers, welcome to heaven. My friend and I, who are both allergic to shellfish decided to be bold and daring. Of course we steered clear of shrimp! The things we did eat, like crab, haddock and oysters, were phenomenal! No bad reactions here!

Market Cafe
1000 Decatur Street New Orleans, LA

Combination platter with gumbo, crawfish etouffe, jambalya, red beans and rice

Acme Oysters House 724 Iberville Street New Orleans, LA

Fried stuff crab platter with hush puppies and fries

The French Market cafe: Cafe Du Monde
800 Decatur Street New Orleans, LA

Beignet: French pastry, similar to funnel cake. This was our favorite spot in NOLA!

And then we had a little fun…

Dina and I making conversation.

You can find these in all souvenir shops!

The night life brought out the characters.

Just one of the many….

Getting a lap dance in a wheel chair?!! Twas all in good fun!

The wheels of change had already begun spinning in my life. But I believe this trip was the catalyst for further action. From my outlook on my career, personal and spiritual discovery  (yes it was that deep) and from chance encounters. For reasons words could not explain, and for those need not be. All I can say is you would be surprised how a trip to a new place, meeting new people and experiencing new things can make all the difference.

Indeed a “new me” has emerged since then. You can blame New Orleans. I on the other hand, thank it.

Go venture out, step outside your comfort zone. Your life depends on it!


About Melissa J
Producer. Videographer. Writer by inspiration. This is a blog on my journey through life, mixed in with a little of what interests me, what I think about, and what I do. I'm very random but I believe in the saying "variety is the spice of life." I live each day trying to fulfill my purpose and enjoying the life God has granted me.

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