South Carolina: I shopped, I ate, I’m broke!

When a futile attempt to get my friends to travel ( all together) failed, I decided to take my JetBlue credit, which was on the verge of expiration, and pay my cousin in South Carolina a visit. I wanted a weekend of eating, sun bathing, and more eating… and that’s exactly what I got!  Read more of this post


A Trini Xmas: Culinary Edition

Well there is nothing better than a Trini Christmas!

My very short vacation consisted of the three F’s: family, food and fun.

If it was not for my family treating me to great food I definitely would not have had so much fun! 🙂

On this trip I took full advantage of spending time with family I only get to see about once a year, but I overindulged in all the foods I don’t get in NY.

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California Dreaming: The Culinary Edition

San Diego, CA:

The Gaslamp Quarter is home to a grand variety of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, hotels, and shops. There’s something for everyone, and I do mean everyone.

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